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I’ve gotten to the point…

where I’m honestly scared to death about my last two finals…the two I’m the least prepared in. (1. Political Participation, 2. Intro. to Advertising)

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Jesus, I wish 2:30 pm on Thursday, December 13th came much faster. At least I’ll be mostly done with my finals before I go to bed tonight…if I go to bed tonight.


Omg. *Dies*


Omg. *Dies*

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Rocking out to “Nothing’s Gonna Stop Us” by The Darkness while trying to find the relationship between nationalism, security/insecurity, human security and patriarchy.

Talk about burning the midnight oil.


Watching the CNN debate right now.

Romney has been kicking Gingrich’s ass, so far. Paul is a bit too pathos, as usual. And Santorum…well, nothing really exciting quite yet.


"I guess guys just wanted to be in her trunk…"

Naomi Pinion, Ph.D
My professor for POS 301W: Nationalism and Human Security


The Iron Lady.

After doing almost endless amounts of coding this summer on Thatcher, I feel that I need to see this film.