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"I almost want a hacker involved, and I want to go into one of these sex clubs, and stand in the middle of the dancefloor in Second Life. And, all of a sudden, my dick appears. And then it starts growing, and it’s growing, and growing, and growing until it fills up the entire club. And it fills up the entire area. And then growing until it fills up the entire Second World and blots out the Second Sun. And the admin are trying to kick me from the servers, but it won’t work, because the hacker-friend made me immune. And my giant dick just destroys Second Life. All of Second Life destroyed by my growing, eveloping cock…like the Nothing from Neverending Story."

Joseph Christ, 4PlayerPodcast

"Well, when this thing blows over, you can go out and not get laid all you want to. But, for now, you gotta be the Jason Stackhouse everybody knows. So conscience off…dick on…and everything’s gonna be alright."

Officer Andy Bellefleur (True Blood - Season 3, Episode 1: “Bad Blood”)